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Follow-Up Study

Our previously published study, on which this follow-up study was based, found that a diet higher in fruits and vegetables, beta-carotene, vitamin C, alpha-tocopherol and fish oils was positivitely associated with acute periodontal healing after deep periodontal cleaning. As a follow-up, the objective of the current study is to determine the long-term benefits of deep cleaning, that is followed by routine maintenance hygiene cleanings, on periodontal outcomes and how dietary intakes of specific foods and food components are associated with these outcomes of gum health.

Flavanoid Study

Oral health, specifically the retention of teeth, is positively linked with the nutritional status of an individual and with their likelihood of developing chronic disease. Previous studies have found that higher intakes of specific food and components of foods are positively associated with periodontal healing after deep cleaning. There is some evidence that flavanoid intake, a bioactive component of food found in high quantities in tea and red wine, may benefit periodontal health, but the status of flavanoid intake or overall dietary pattern has not been assessed in relation to recovery from a deep cleaning and associated markers of improved periodontal health.

Ultrasonics Study

Periodontitis is a chronic oral infection that results in the breakdown of the tissues and bone that support the teeth.  Deep cleaning is the primary treatment option for patients with generalized chronic periodontitis.  However, the hand-held instrumentation used for these deep cleaning appointments requires continuous sharpening for optimal performance, which introduces a tremendous variability.  Ultrasonic instrumentation does not require sharpening.  Therefore, the primary objective of this study is to determine if similar improvements in periodontal indicies can be achieved using ultrasonic instrumentation alone versus ultrasonic instrumentation in conjunction with hand-held instrumentation.

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