Administrative Assistant

Sharon joined our team in August of 2020 and quickly solidified herself as an essential member of the team.  Sharon is a polished professional who’s interactions with our patients always leave them pleased and well taken care of.

Sharon’s path to Fonthill started in India where she worked as a dentist for 2 years.  She made the decision to move to Canada in 2017, completing a degree in Public Health from the Cape Breton University.

Sharon says that her greatest culture shock when moving to Canada was the fact it took 6 hours to cook a turkey, “that’s a lot of dedication for Thanksgiving!”  The friendliness and welcoming nature of Canadians was what made her comfortable enough to make the move to Toronto in 2019, where she knew there would be more opportunity to return to work in the dental field.

It was a swift transition for Sharon to learn her role here!  She continues to grow and blossom because of her dedication and consistency to best practices and patient experience and her positive outlook, “always expecting something good to happen.”

Speaking of good things happening, Sharon is currently a new mom and away on her maternity leave!

Sharon’s Top Five Strengths are:

Responsibility, Includer, Consistency, Adaptability & Positivity

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