Aesthetic Crown Lengthening 101

First things first, what is aesthetic crown lengthening?

It is possible that during normal growth and development, too much gum tissue forms around the teeth.  This if often referred to as a “gummy smile.”

Teeth will appear shortened and the gum margin where the gum contacts the tooth may appear to have a ledge as opposed to a fine contour line.

Aesthetic crown lengthening is a procedure similar to conventional crown lengthening with the goal of establishing proper gingival contours while exposing the complete crown of the tooth, ultimately performing a “Smile Makeover.”

In all makeover cases, gum tissue provides not only the aesthetic framework but also the foundation that will hold the teeth.

Fundamental to the smile makeover is the assessment of the gum tissue.  Nearly everyone who has excess gum tissue and is in general good health is a candidate for aesthetic crown lengthening.  Make an appointment with your periodontist to determine if removal of excess tissue, building up of minimal gum tissue or re-contouring of existing tissues is a possible procedure for your new smile.

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