Post-Dental Surgery Meal Planning

Proper care after your periodontal surgery will help your mouth to heal quickly.  This includes a healthy, soft food diet. At first, your temporary soft food diet may seem challenging, but with some planning you can ensure that you have all of the nutrients you’ll need for your body to heal quickly. As soon as

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Dental Radiation

Radiation exists in many forms, not all of which are ionizing, the form of radiation that poses a risk to our health. Low frequency radiation, such as radio waves, thermal/microwaves, infrared, and visible light waves are to low penetrating power to cause changes to the atoms and molecules that make up our body, therefore classifying

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Dental Sedation Experience

Intravenous sedation is a technique that significantly helps the patient to feel relaxed and makes the appointment go extremely quickly (from the patients perspective). This is a conscious sedation, meaning that you will remain conscious and are able to respond to verbal cues such as “Open wide.”, “Tilt your head.”, and “You’re doing great!”. In

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