Care after a Frenectomy

When a strong frenum pull impairs our oral anatomy, sometimes a frenectomy is the answer.  A frenectomy involves releasing the excess fold of tissue that secures the tongue to the floor or the mouth (lingual frenectomy) or the lips to the gingiva (labial frenectomy).

In many instances, there is very little post-operative pain and swelling following a frenectomy.  In fact, most patients describe it as having bit into a hot slice of pizza and burning their mouth.

A frenectomy is a simple and quick procedure that can performed at any age to improve our oral health and overall wellness, including in babies having difficulty latching and breastfeeding.

If needed, patients can take Ibuprofen for any pain and discomfort according to the manufacturer\’s recommendations, but even this is often not needed.

To find out if you are a candidate for a frenectomy procedure, Dr. Fritz or Dr. Schuldt would be happy to have you visit our clinic for a consultation and to discuss treatment options with you.

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