Rapid Review on Radiation and CBCT in Dental Practice

Exposure to ionizing radiation and its potential risks are often major concerns of our patients. Ambiguity and confusion exist among the general public, mainly due to the risks discussed in the media and from spurious online information. This leads to confusion, fear, and avoidance by the patient. Therefore, this review aims to attenuate the ambiguity […]

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Dental Radiation

Radiation exists in many forms, not all of which are ionizing, the form of radiation that poses a risk to our health. Low frequency radiation, such as radio waves, thermal/microwaves, infrared, and visible light waves are to low penetrating power to cause changes to the atoms and molecules that make up our body, therefore classifying

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3D Dental X-rays

Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) is a recent advancement in dental imaging and provides a 3D image of the tooth and jaw with high spatial resolution and diagnostic ability. The dental CBCT does not replace conventional 2D x-rays, but is an additional tool that your dentist or periodontist uses to gain more information, to avoid

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