A Celebration To Remember!

A Celebration To Remember!

Take a look inside our Celebration of Nature, Art & Science!

“Life only exists with both memories and missions”

As we celebrate a successful and memorable event for our clinic, we take a moment to reflect on the evening, and to thank every single person who came out and showed their support to our team, who came together to create an unforgettable experience for our guests.

Bringing together local artists and industry favourites, complimented by great food and refreshments, we aimed to create a diverse, inclusive environment for all to enjoy, centred around our theme of the Celebration of Nature, Art & Science. 

Here is to celebrating the new future, together!

-Dr. Peter C. Fritz and The Voyageurs

Nature, Art & Science, with Canadian Explorer and Best-Selling Author, Adam Shoalts!

Nature, Art & Science, with Canadian Explorer and Best-Selling Author, Adam Shoalts!

Hello Friends!

It has been a very eventful past year around our clinic, with lots of new and exciting changes, partnerships and events happening!

We thought we would share some of our most exciting updates with you!

– That being our partnership with Canadian explorer and writer, Adam Shoalts! Some of you may recognize Adam from his many expeditions across Canada, or most notably, his journey across Canada’s Arctic, documented in his 2019 Documentary “Alone Across the Arctic”, as well as his national best-selling books, such as “Alone Against the North” and “The Whisper on The Night Wind”.

The partnership with Adam Shoalts was inspired by celebrating the connections of Nature, Art, and Science, connecting our lives, our community, and the excitement of new discoveries!

Follow along with us on our Instagram @periointhepeninsula, as we join forces with Adam on his latest expedition, receiving exclusive, live updates and photos!

-The Voyageurs

A note to our community,

A note to our community,

Our waiting room is opening! After months and months of collecting dust, our waiting room is finally open to welcome our patients.

All we ask is that patients do not enter the clinic until their exact appointment time so as not to overwhelm the socially distanced waiting room chairs.

Please review the Covid-19 screening questions that were emailed prior to your appointment. Please call us to reschedule if any of your answers to our Covid-19 screening questions change.

We have extensive COVID-19 protocols in place to ensure that we maintain a safe space for all of our patients and the members of our team.

We continue to see new and exisiting patients. Please contact our office for an appointment with Dr. Fritz, Dr. Schuldt, or any one of our dental hygienists.

Thank you for your patience as we traverse this rapid.

Remember there is no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.”

– Scott Adams