Dietary Flavonoids Associated with Periodontal Health

Scientific rationale for the study: Higher fruit and vegetable intake, a source of flavonoids, is associated with improved periodontal healing at 8–12 weeks post‐SRP. Whether this association is sustained at 3–4 years post‐SRP, and if flavonoid intake is also associated with periodontal health was studied.

Principal findings: Higher flavonoid intake is associated with reduced probing depth and lower salivary IL‐1β at 3–4 years post‐SRP among patients that receive regular periodontal maintenance. These associations persisted when other confounders were considered.

Practical implications: Flavonoids, at levels present in foods, is associated with lower salivary IL‐1β which may be a marker of a diet that supports periodontal health.

Written by: Taylor Sparrow, David W. Doddington, Jenalyn L. Yumol, Peter C. Fritz, & Wendy E. Ward

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