Registered Dental Hygienist

Donna joined Dr. Fritz’s team in 2005 after working in general practice for 15 years.  Over the past decade, she has accompanied Dr. Fritz to several National and International conferences where she has been able to increase her knowledge in periodontology and implant maintenance.  

She is actively involved in all of our ongoing research projects and is always thinking up new research questions that need answers.  Currently, she is actively involved in a methodology study involving the use of different instrumentation for scaling and root planing.

Donna presented the results of this study in Brisbane, Australia at the International Symposium for Dental Hygiene Conference in August 2019.  She will be presenting the time-saving and evidence-based importance of ultrasonic instruments in the prevention and treatment of periodontal disease to the American Academy of Dental Hygiene at their virtual conference in June 2020.  The ADHA 2020 conference was originally scheduled to take place in New Orleans.

Donna enjoys travelling, meeting new people and making a difference.  Her motto is “if you want to be happy, chose to surround yourself with happy people”.

Donna’s Top Five Strengths are:

Positivity, Connectedness, Discipline, Significance & Activator

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