Dr. Peter Fritz


Ph.D. (Periodontics, Toronto),
Periodontal Specialty (Toronto),
F.R.C.D. (Canada),
M.B.A. (Kellogg/Northwestern),
L.L.M. (Toronto)

Dr. Fritz is an intrepid lifelong global learner. He is a certified specialist in periodontics and is in full-time private practice in Fonthill, Ontario where he leads an extraordinary, collaborative, empowered team of clinicians, scientists, and artists who are all working together to innovate the dental specialty of periodontics and to redefine the patient experience using their head, heart, and hands. The focus of his periodontal practice is dental implant therapy, bone and soft tissue reconstruction, and periodontal wellness.

As a futurist and advocate of perpetual change and innovation, Dr. Fritz sets a clear and ambitious path to success for all those around him based on powerful partnerships, scientific rigour, and clinical excellence. He strives for constant improvement guided by the prevailing goal in all elements of his life, “Give me success or its eternal pursuit, and I’ll take the pursuit.”

Prior to the pandemic, Dr. Fritz lectured extensively across the globe and he and his team presented research from their clinic at international meetings almost every quarter. In the past 15 years, Dr. Fritz and his team have benchmarked best practices at more than 40 world-class clinics in 25 countries and have brought the best ideas back to Fonthill.

Given the travel restrictions due to the pandemic, Dr. Fritz decided to use the downtime to go back to school. He is presently pursuing a law degree (University of Toronto) and aspires to be a fully licensed lawyer in the province of Ontario by 2023. He hopes this will give him even better insights as a periodontist.

While Dr. Fritz continues to learn, he also provides others unique opportunities for continued education. He has founded Perio in the Peninsula and the Big Red Canoe Dental Explorers Study Club. Each of these registered continuing education programs for health professionals in the Niagara Region boast speakers of the highest caliber. Similarly, Dr. Fritz has developed and implemented the first Dental Hygiene Periodontal Residency Program in North America.

Dr. Fritz is also an Adjunct Assistant Clinical Professor, Division of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery, Department of Surgery, Michael DeGroote School of Medicine, McMaster University and Adjunct Professor, Department of Kinesiology, Faculty of Applied Health Sciences, Centre for Bone and Muscle Research Brock University where he is engaged in graduate student mentorship through his many ongoing research projects.

Dr. Fritz is the Staff Periodontist for the Niagara Health System, President of the Welland District Dental Society, past President of the Ontario Society of Periodontists and past President of the Niagara Peninsula Dental Association.

Dr. Fritz lives by his academic mission which is to “never stop learning because the world around you never stops teaching.”

In 2022, Dr. Fritz is most excited about restarting an international research study investigating Oral Cancer, Betel Nut and Tea in a Bhutanese cohort of monks which began in 2019.

Peter’s Top Five Strengths are:

Learner, Ideation, Competition, Futuristic & Intellection

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