Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT)

The major culprit in gingivitis and periodontal disease is bacteria and the sticky biofilm that it creates as a byproduct of living, breathing and growing.  This sticky biofilm coats our teeth and makes for an even more appealing environment for bacteria to reside.

To remove this biofilm, our periodontists and hygienists have several tricks up their sleeve, but none better than Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT).  GBT is not just a single trick, but in fact is an 8-step process.

1. Assess – all teeth and implants are assessed and screened

2. Disclose – bacterial biofilm is stained and made easily visible to the clinician and to the patient

3. Motivate – the mirror is turned so that the patient can see just which areas in the mouth have more or less biofilm accumulation than others

4. AirFlow (above the gum line) – water and anti-microbial powder combine to polish away all of the visible biofilm

5. PerioFlow (below the gum line) – in deep periodontal pockets, a special nozzle is used to combine water and anti-microbial powder to polish away all biofilm and bacteria below the gum line

6. Instrumentation – classical dental instruments are used to remove any remaining hard deposits on the teeth

7. Check – a quick double check of all of the areas is done by the hygienist

8. Recall – based on the amount of bacteria, biofilm, and hard deposit was removed, you will decide with your periodontist and hygienist how often you should receive professional care in addition to your normal home care routine.

GBT is new to North America, and in April 2019, Donna Lavoie, one of our dental hygienists was invited to attend the North American launch of GBT as a Key Opinion Leader in her field.  Donna joined leaders in Dental Hygiene to share opinions and thoughts on this significant advancement in the field.


As early adopters, we closed our doors to patients for a full day to give our Dental Hygiene team one-on-one training with a global leader in EMS technologies, Tim Ives.  Tim challenged our team to understand the theory and concepts behind the technology.  After their morning in the classroom, our hygienists turned to practice on each other.  Not only did they perfect their skill, but they now also have had the experience!  This gives them a major advantage when sharing dialogue with patients throughout all 8 steps of the GBT protocol.

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