Treatment Coordinator

Larissa may be new to her role as a Treatment Coordinator but is no stranger to our practice! Being a graduate student at Brock University, completing her M.Sc. in Applied Health Sciences, she studied how delays in regularly scheduled care because of the COVID-19 clinic closure in March 2020 impacted periodontal health. She was also awarded an Ontario Graduate Scholarship in 2021 for this research project and has also published an article in Oral Health in October 2021 on the relationship between plant-based diets and periodontal disease.

Larissa has also recently been accepted to the PhD program in Health Biosciences at Brock University, and plans to continue her research in the area of periodontal health & wellness and nutrition, with a strong emphasis on knowledge mobilization in this area – “ I am passionate about building a bridge between research and practice, making research as meaningful as it can be by getting the right information to the right people, in the way that works best for them. In turn, I hope that my research will be able to meaningfully contribute to professional practice and directly or indirectly help improve the periodontal health of Canadians.”

Larissa’s extensive and impressive educational background and commitment to periodontal wellness, are just some of the many qualities that make her an exemplary member of our team and are surely just the foundation for the many great achievements that lay ahead for her throughout her career. When Larissa is not in the clinic, or vigorously studying, she can be found hiking local trails with her wonderful pot-cake (rescue dog from St. Lucia), Trouya.

Larissa’s Top Five Strengths are:

Strategic, Futuristic, Relator, Learner, & Achiever

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