Non-Surgical Supportive Periodontal Therapy (SPT)

A bacterial infection causes inflammation, sore gums, bleeding gums, and eventually eats away at the bone that supports our teeth, causing them to become loose and eventually fall out.


While at home oral hygiene is very important, regular visits to your dentist and periodontist are necessary to clean the pockets of space between the teeth and gums.  This non-surgical periodontal therapy cleans away the bacterial infection, giving your body a head start in eliminating the infection and returning to a healthy state.


Supportive periodontal therapy (SPT) is provided by your dental hygienist who has been equipped with all of the most up-to-date technologies.


1. Lights – it is important that your hygienists field of view is well-lit and illuminated


2. Loupes – these personalized glasses magnify the field that the hygienist sees, so that they leave nothing behind


3. Disclosing Solution – this blue solution stains the plaque and biofilm, changing its colour making it that much easier for your hygienist to see and to remove


4. Air Polishing – in a process known as Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT), your hygienist uses a powerful blast of water and anti-microbial powder to scrub away the plaque and bacterial biofilm that has accumulated


5. Ultrasonic Instrumentation – a powerful stream of water combined with an oscillating sharp edge removes the plaque from the edge of the tooth


6. Hand Instrumentation – your hygienist uses an array of different size and shaped bladed instruments to remove any remaining bacteria

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