Dedicated to merging Art, Science & Community in the Niagara region, Perio in the Peninsula invites you to participate in the creation of something spectacular!

Paint a Paddle Logo

Step One

Purchase your 56″ Unfinished
Wood Canoe Paddle

Paddles are available for purchase at the following locations:

  1. The office of Dr. Peter C. Fritz
  2. All Base Camp Lectures, Niagara College Campus
    For a list of Base Camp lecture dates, please visit

Paddles can be purchased for $45 (inclusive of tax) with all proceeds going towards ALS Canada, Niagara chapter.

Step Two

Decorate your Paddle

Decorate your paddle to be uniquely yours!  There are no limits to the way in which you can decorate your paddle.  The addition of extra material to your paddle is allowed.

The only limitation is your imagination!

Paint IT – Burn IT – Etch IT – Carve IT – Sculpt IT – Add to IT – The Choice is Yours!

You can decorate your paddle on your own (solo mission) or as a team (group trek).

Step Three

Return your Paddle for Auction

Return your unique piece to the office of Dr. Fritz by March 4, 2020 and watch it go to the highest bidder at auction!

Prizes will be awarded to the paddles that raise the most at auction.

The Live & Silent Art Auction will be held Saturday, May 2, 2020 at Megalomaniac Winery in Jordan, ON.

We are currently accepting completed paddles, and donations of professional, original artwork for inclusion in the Live & Silent Auction.

ALS Logo

All proceeds support our local chapter of ALS Canada.

ALS Canada provides support for people and families living with ALS, funds high-quality research that offers the most promise to slow down ALS or even stop it, and advocates for policy that will have a meaningful impact on people living with ALS today and in the future.

More information about ALS Canada and their initiatives can be found at their website.

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