The Big Red Canoe Club

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Big Red Canoe Study Club

The Big Red Canoe Club is an RCDSO-approved study club for all things new in the world of dentistry. The fundamental reason this organization existed was to promote a collaborative learning experience among a dynamic network of allied health professionals to understand the complex world of periodontology better. The club is striving to help dental professionals relearn how to lead our teams and practice dentistry in the COVID-19 world.

People are the transformation, and the transformation is continuous."

The Learning Stream

The Learning Stream creates an ecosystem to reconnect in a meaningful, inclusive, and fun way. Here we can combine disciplines to improve our clinical abilities and enhance our team’s performance and mental health. A constellation of seven inclusive programs will be launched with something for everyone on your team. We have designed a safe space where we can explore the desirable future together (with a little “Fritz Flare”).