The Oral-Gut Connection: Feeding our gut to protect our teeth

The Oral-Gut Connection: Feeding our gut to protect our teeth

Presented by: Dr. Wendy Ward and Carly Zanatta

Do you know that your gut and oral health are intricately connected? Our latest Learning Stream lecture delved into the fascinating world of probiotics, prebiotics, and the oral-gut connection. The exciting news is that these tiny microbes may hold the key to managing periodontal disease!

What are Probiotics & Prebiotics?

Probiotics are live microorganisms with proven health benefits when consumed or applied to the body. They balance the bacteria in our gut and oral microbiome, promoting overall well-being. Prebiotics, on the other hand, are non-digestible food ingredients that support the growth of beneficial bacteria, serving as their food source and helping them thrive. 

The Connection between Probiotics, Prebiotics, and Periodontal Disease

As we sipped on some Kombucha, we learned that systemic conditions such as diabetes and obesity could negatively impact our periodontal health. Recent studies suggest that an altered gut microbiome, characterized by a disrupted balance of bacteria, is a common factor in these conditions, including periodontal disease. But here’s where probiotics and prebiotics come in – by restoring the balance of bacteria in our gut and oral microbiome, they have the potential to combat inflammation, aid in weight management, and regulate blood sugar levels. 

For more information on how probiotics and prebiotics can benefit your periodontal health, consult with your dentist or healthcare provider and check out the provided links and resources. And don’t forget to try sipping on some delicious kombucha, too!

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