What is a frenum?

A frenum is a small fold of tissue that secures our lips and tongue to our mouths.  Sometimes, we experience structural disorders or abnormal attachments of our frenums.

An abnormal attachment can affect our speech, breathing, swallowing, our smile, and even the orientation of our teeth and gums.

We have a frenum under our tongue, known as a lingual frenum, and attached to our upper and lower lips (labial frenum).

A strong frenum pull under our tongue can cause a condition generally known as \”tongue-tied\”.  A strong frenum pull of the lips can cause a space between our front teeth or recession of our gums.

When a strong frenum pull impairs our oral health, sometimes a frenectomy is the answer.  To find out if you are an ideal candidate for a frenectomy, Dr. Fritz or Dr. Schuldt would be happy to see you for a consultation and to discuss your treatment options.

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