Dental Sedation Experience

Intravenous sedation is a technique that significantly helps the patient to feel relaxed and makes the appointment go extremely quickly (from the patients perspective). This is a conscious sedation, meaning that you will remain conscious and are able to respond to verbal cues such as “Open wide.”, “Tilt your head.”, and “You’re doing great!”. In addition to the Iv sedation, topical and local anesthetics are also used to make the treatment as comfortable as possible.


Food and Drink – You must not eat or drink anything for eight hours prior to your appointment.

Prescription Medications – Continue to take medications at the normal time with a small sip of water unless otherwise instructed.

What to Wear – Wear loose comfortable clothing but avoid nail polish and nylons as these interfere with monitoring equipment.

Accompaniment – You must arrange for a responsible friend or family member to drive you home from your appointment and stay with you for the rest of the day. A taxi is not allowed.

Your Prescription – If medication is prescribed by Dr. Fritz or Dr. Schuldt, we would be please to phone your pharmacy in advance at your request.


  1. Once you arrive in the office you will be greeted by a member of the front desk who will take care of your appointment check in including billing, booking your next appointment, and instructing your driver.
  2. You will then be introduced to a member of our nursing team who will be responsible for your experience and will be solely focused on you for the entirety of your appointment.
  3. In one of our Relaxation Rooms, you will review your medical history and fill out the required consent form. The nurse will be available during this time to answer any questions. 
  4. The sedation experience begins with an oral sedative administered in the Relaxation Rooms. These rooms are designed with your comfort in mind and you will remain here for the next hour to allow you to fully relax, however, the sedative should start to take effect within 15 minutes.
  5. After an hour, you will move to the clinical operatory. Here the nurse will begin you IV sedation through an IV line in your hand or arm.
  6. During the procedure patients will feel drowsy and most sleep through their appointments and find that the time moves very quickly from their perspective.
  7. After the surgery is complete, the nurse will escort you to one of our Recovery Bays where your driver will be waiting for you and the nurse can provide post operative instructions to them.


Accompaniment – You must arrange for a responsible friend or family member to drive you home from your appointment and stay with you for the remainder of the day as the sedation medication stays in your system for 24 hours.

Rest – Most people are sleepy and relaxed after their appointment. Plan to rest at home for the remainder of the day.

Food and Drink – Since you have not eaten prior to the appointment, we encourage you to drink nutritious fluids as soon as you are able. Follow our guide for post surgical meal planning.

General Rules – 

  • Do NOT drink alcohol or smoke for at least 24 hours
  • You must NOT operate an automobile or heavy machinery for 24 hours
  • You must NOT sign any legal documents for 24 hours
  • You must NOT do any online shopping for 24 hours

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