Periodontal Wellness and Implant Surgery

Dr. Peter C. Fritz & Dr. Luisa Schuldt:
Skilled & Trusted Periodontists in Ontario

Welcome to our periodontal clinic led by Drs. Peter C. Fritz and Luisa Schuldt, certified specialists in periodontics in Fonthill, Ontario.

We are a referral-based, dental specialty office proudly providing complex periodontal services and implant surgery to the residents of Ontario.

We are focused on innovating the collaborative specialty of periodontics and redefining the patient experience, using our head, heart and hands. 

Our clinic in Fonthill, Ontario is designed to offer personalized Periodontal Wellness and Implant Surgery. The practice is founded on the principles of clinical excellence, continuous improvement, collaboration and innovation. We’re also shaping the future of precision dental care using artificial intelligence and are sharing this with the world. 

Our extraordinary, collaborative, empowered team of clinicians, educators, scientists, explorers and artists are all working together to define what it means to have a healthy attitude, to innovate the dental specialty of periodontics and to redefine the patient’s experience. We’ve got the backing to do life-changing work, and we’re doing it together with our network. Put simply, we want to increase the number of happy and satisfied people in the world.

Our team is committed to ongoing professional development, which is evident with the establishment in 2005 of our Perio in the Peninsula Study Club – and in 2020, The Big Red Canoe Club Dental Explorers Study Club, which has positioned itself as one of Canada’s leading study clubs for world-class periodontology and implant dentistry continuing education.

Our Services

Periodontal Disease​
Did you know that 75% of tooth loss is due to periodontal disease? Periodontal disease is the 6th most prevalent chronic disease in the world.

Dental Implants
Dental implants are artificial roots used to replace teeth that have been lost. Nearly everyone who is missing a tooth is a candidate for a dental implant.

Soft Tissue Grafting
Sometimes, our gum tissue can break down and thin in a process known as recession. The process of soft tissue grafting transplants gum tissue for reinforcement.

Oral Biopsy
The tissues of our oral cavity can morph from normal to abnormal. Any abnormal areas should be assessed and monitored.

Crown Lengthening
The crown is the portion of tooth that can be seen above the gum line. In some instances, the tissues around the crown must be altered for aesthetic or conventional purposes.

The frenum is the muscle that attaches the lips to the gums and tongue to the floor of the mouth. Sometimes, however, the attachment is too strong. A frenectomy effectively loosens this tight attachment for normal speech, smiles, and eating.

Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) is a 3D digital x-ray.
CBCTs improve imaging, treatment planning, and allow for a virtual surgery.

Sedation Dentistry
Nearly 75% of adults are afraid of the dentist.
Our team can provide your experience with us under conscious sedation.

Our Core Values



We are global life-long learners seeking to expand our knowledge and understanding.


We integrate empathy, compassion, and respect into all of our actions.



We are dedicated to offering specialized, gentle and skillful care for periodontal and dental implant therapy.

Big Red Canoe Study Club

The Big Red Canoe Club is an RCDSO-approved study club for all things new in the world of dentistry. The fundamental reason this organization existed was to promote a collaborative learning experience among a dynamic network of allied health professionals to understand the complex world of periodontology better. The club is striving to help dental professionals relearn how to lead our teams and practice dentistry in the COVID-19 world.
For dental professionals

Why Choose Us?

Dr. Peter C. Fritz, a dedicated and adventurous lifelong learner, stands at the forefront of periodontics, steering innovation in dental specialties and reshaping patient experiences in Fonthill, Ontario. As a certified periodontics specialist, his practice focuses on dental implant therapy, tissue reconstruction, and periodontal wellness.

A futurist advocating perpetual change, Dr. Fritz champions success through powerful partnerships, scientific rigour, and clinical excellence. His pursuit of improvement is unwavering, embodying the mantra, “Give me success or its eternal pursuit, and I’ll take the pursuit.”


For dental offices looking to refer a patient or for prospective patients looking to refer themselves, please use the online referral form below. You do not need a referral from your dentist to make an appointment to see our clinical team and new patients are always welcomed. Unfortunately, we are not open to walk-ins. If you need help or have any questions or concerns please reach out to the office and our team will be happy to assist you!

What Our Client’s Say

I have been to this office many times over the years. The staff are very pleasant and professional. The main reception area is very inviting. A unique gourmet coffee machine is available and a library of books. Beautiful stained glass windows are added features and are lovely to look at while you wait. Service is prompt with a smile and friendly greeting. Dr. Fritz is great!
Monika Birk
Monika Birk
21:32 08 Nov 23
Dr Fritz is the most kind and genuine person. I had gum grafts done in June and they’ve healed amazing. I’m someone who is afraid of the dentist but Dr Fritz and his team made an intimidating process, honestly, enjoyable. I honestly could not recommend him and his team enough. Amazing and everyone is so kind.
Kaylynn Grobb
Kaylynn Grobb
00:04 11 Aug 23
As someone who has a lot of anxiety about medial procedures and even regular dentist visits, I have to say that my experience (implant procedure) with the Fritz team was far better than I ever could’ve imagined! All of the staff were very pleasant and really took the time to make me feel comfortable and address my questions. I was also impressed by the facilities. Beyond the clinical standards you’d expect (cleanliness, modern equipment, etc.), it’s evident that they invest in, and take pride in, the customer experience. Some examples are, relaxation music, comfortable recliners, heated blankets and even a nautical theme! If you didn’t know better, you’d think you were at a spa. So in one of the very few positive reviews I’ve ever taken the time to write, I have to say, well done Fritz team!
Bill Howley
Bill Howley
16:05 24 Mar 23
Dr. Fritz, his assistant and all staff at the clinic were amazing – welcoming, informative and polite. Dr Fritz and his assistant took their time to explain in detail the procedure and ensured complete understanding. Office was impeccably clean and welcoming as well.
Lori T
Lori T
10:32 31 May 23
Such a positive experience from start to finish! Wonderful caring staff. Dr.Fritz has changed my opinion of dentistry – state of the art equipment and air quality. Such attention to detail, explaining carefully the whole experience and checking my comfort level throughout. The office is welcoming with beautiful decor and art work and spotlessly clean. Definitely 10 out of 10!
Elaine Boucher
Elaine Boucher
13:16 21 Dec 22

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