Lead Hygiene Treatment Coordinator

Stacey joins our administrative team with over 22 years of experience in the dental field. She’s been drawn to dental her whole career because she loves to see improvements. Stacey says her best days are when she sees “people arrive at the office withdrawn and shy, and depending on the service, they leave smiling when they haven’t smiled in who knows how long!”

During her training, Stacey was amazed at the before and after improvement in some patients. She notes that “shadowing the team of hygienists to be able to see what they are capable of achieving was an amazing learning experience.”

Stacey is a Niagara Region native and graduated from Niagara College from the Dental Assisting program. She is a nature and animal lover who loves to be up north with her family every chance she gets. Stacey spends her free time bump, set, and spiking on the volleyball court, but not the beach “Oh no, I burn!”

Stacey’s Top Five Strengths are:

Includer, Adaptability, Empathy, Responsibility & Activator

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